LIZZIE by May Justus


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Log Cabin Lizzie, as the hotel people call her, is ten-going-on-eleven, and lives in the Tennessee mountains with her Grampy. Their home is a one room cabin with a lean-to kitchen behind. There Grampy has lived all of his life and his pappy before him. The mountain folks say Lizzie is a witted gal-person for her size and years, who can cook any me in a kettle from sallet to stirabout, and make three kinds of bread, corn pone, hoe cake, and dodgers, and brew sassafras tea stronger than anyone on her side of the mountain"". Lizzie has her own garden from which she picks "" packs"" and sells them to the hotel for garden bouquets. With this money she hopes to be able to buy ""outlander clothes"" from the ""wish book""(the mail order catalogue), Finally some of the hotel people take an interest in her and invite her to visit them in Johnson City. A story that has no real point to it, but these regional stories have won a place with young readers, though the mountain dialect will be very difficult for children to understand.

Publisher: Whitman