SPLINT ROAD by May Mellinger


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The swamps and mill camps of the shingle weavers in Louisiana are an often changing background for the three generation story of Mort, his mail order wife, Stella, and his daughters, Alice and adopted Amy. It is Mort's inherent goodness and Stella's gentility and sweetness that make the little girls' childhood happy, even though there is poverty, sickness, hunger and want in the cypress cutting business and Alice is the one who rebels against the thin gray reality in which they live. A dominant mother crashes her drama of a marriage that will take her away and she chooses sawyer Pete for the father of her unborn child. She then faces the same round that Stella did, but in a fierce daze of work she tries, against all odds, to earn the security she dreams of. A gamble wins her lover's home but it does not bring the happiness for which she fought as her three children, in the independence of the '20's, go their own way. A flood however reunites the whole family and gives Alice two new babies to care for.... A regional-vocational setting which is wholly realized makes an interesting setting for a woman's drive for roots and comfort, and a book of unquestionable feminine appeal.

Pub Date: Feb. 22nd, 1952
Publisher: Putnam