A LITTLE BOY IN THE HOUSE and other stories by Maza de la Roche

A LITTLE BOY IN THE HOUSE and other stories

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Ten short stories without particular distinction -- by the author of the Jalna books. In the main the stories are a depressing lot, dealing with disillusionment, anticlimax following high hopes, false goals. The settings shift from England to Canada, from the Riviera to the states- but matter little in stories where the emphasis is on some brief interlude highlighted against a chain of circumstances briefly chronicled. An English spinster in AUNTIMAY finds in middle age that she is no longer needed- but discovers a new role for herself; a son wins the Irish Sweepstakes in THE CELEBRATION and leaves his family flat; THE SUBMISSIVE WIFE is the worm that turns- but she doesn't like the change; and ageing mistress plans suicide- and only breaks her fan; PATIENT MISS PEEL finds that the fetish of her house can be ignored; THE WIDOW CRUSE rents her room and gets her man; a bachelor looks up his old girl in QUARTET and escapes just in time; A BOY IN THE HOUSE is an odd story about a fantastic situation- and a boy who makes capital of an illusion. No Jalna here.

Pub Date: Oct. 27th, 1952
Publisher: Little, Brown-A.M.P.