YOUNG RENNY by Mazo de la Roche
Kirkus Star


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Another volume in the favorite Jalna saga -- and sure sale to all who have followed the fortunes of the Whiteaks, as well as a good chance to build a new sale for the whole group, since this antedates, chronologically, all the others. Jalna, in 1906 -- Renny, a schoolboy in disgrace, suspended for mischief, and still bent on making trouble. Adeline, his grandmother, is eighty, but abounding in vigor and a grand old tartar; Boney, the parrot, is not averse to adding to his vocabulary; Meg, on the verge of matrimony, has her first big chance to hold the center of the stage with her hysterical dramatization of a tragedy; Pheasant makes her entry; Malahide, odious trouble maker, comes for a visit, and settles down in leech fashion on his unknown Court relative. A three ringed circus, and a lively one. There is more humor than in any of the subsequent scenes in the Whiteoak career; the pace of the story leaves nothing to be desired. It is like opening the pages of half-guessed mysteries, to read of the events back of the original Jalna. Bound for front ranks in the best seller list, so lay your plans. Publisher cooperation, and guaranteed reader interest. Don't miss the chance for plus sales with new customers -- keep their names and check their memories.

Pub Date: May 15th, 1935
Publisher: Little, Brown