RENNY'S DAUGHTER by Mazo de la Roche


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Another book is a comfortable piece of property for publisher, library and bookseller alike. The audience is a faithful one, and- we are told- each new book starts a new group of readers of the older ones. while it brings together all the members of the family at and has many of the elements that tug at the heartstrings with a certain sense of nostalgia, takes the reader away from Canada to Ireland, with the initiation of what promises to be a stormy love affair for Adeline. There's enough of her grandmother in her, however, to convince one that ultimately she will win her man. And meantime, some of the loose threads of earlier books are picked up and carried on. The Clapperton's marriage ends with a tragedy- and foretaste of worse to come. Maurice comes into his Irish inheritance- and takes Adeline over to Ireland and the rough road of romance. Finch comes home and buys back Vaughanlands. And Uncle Ernest, the gentler of the two uncles, goes to his reward. It all gives one a sense of coming back for a visit with old friends.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1951
Publisher: Little, Brown