THE GEMINI by Meg Elizabeth Atkins


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We were three. We loved. We were artists."" Even so, this is an indefensibly silly story about some inseparable, not so heavenly twins, Paddy (she's a girl) and Rex (he's both) and the writer, David Quest (do not overlook the Significance of his surname) who tells their story. When first met, in a small town in England, David is touched by their defiant insolence and innocence; before long he's their protector, avoiding his susceptibility to Paddy, later indulging his own love for Rex when he finally realizes (Paddy has spotted it sooner) the duality of his own sexual identity. The story, which derives from the myth, and bears out the interchangeable parts of their love and the artist's right to be ""Free Amoral"" does not bear repetition or deserve scrutiny. It's sentimental sludge promoted to passion only by its urgent tone of voice.

Pub Date: Feb. 24th, 1965
Publisher: Morrow