THE DREAM BOOK by Meg Wolitzer


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Eleven-year-old Claudia and her new friend, Danger, discover that they can decipher the dreams they share to find Claudia's missing father. Wolitzer's direct, easily read style will attract readers, who will be intrigued by the dreams in which both girls appear, with different points of view and overlapping experiences; in one dream, Danger goes on dreaming after Claudia wakes, and thus can tell her what happened next. Unfortunately, the story is thin and poorly motivated. Dad is trying to make it as a country-music star, but there seems to be no reason he couldn't have told his family where he was; Danger attends a school for the emotionally disturbed but seems normal, if bright; the sinister doctor in the penthouse upstairs is just a psychiatrist--a pointless red herring. Most jarring, the fantasy element seems out of place in this otherwise realistic story; there's no unusual affinity between the girls who share the mysterious, prescient dreams, no special bond between Claudia and her father.

Pub Date: Sept. 22nd, 1986
Page count: 160pp
Publisher: Greenwillow