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by Megan Hart

Pub Date: June 13th, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-5039-4278-3
Publisher: Montlake Romance

As Ilya Stern adjusts to the idea that his brother, Niko, and ex-wife, Alicia, are in love, he finds himself drawn to Theresa, but a haunting event from their past may hold secrets powerful enough to threaten their future.

That summer has haunted three families for a decade. The summer Ilya’s mom married Theresa’s dad, and Jennilynn, Ilya’s neighbor and the girl he loved, was found dead. Overnight, Theresa and her dad disappeared, and a string of poor decisions since then has left them all crawling out from under the shadow of those events. Ilya married Alicia more because she was Jennilynn’s sister than because he loved her, and now that Alicia has claimed her happiness with his brother and sold her share in the diving business they owned to a developer, he feels a little unmoored. Since long-lost Theresa showed up recently, ostensibly for his grandmother’s funeral, then used inside connections with Alicia and the development company to broker the sale, he doesn’t exactly trust her, but he certainly is attracted to her. Once he decides to sell his share, she plants the seed of buying a popular diner that’s for sale, and the two go into business together, have sex, and contemplate a relationship. Things go well until her father shows up at the diner's soft opening, when secrets about Jennilynn’s death surface. Hart continues the storyline from All the Lies We Tell (2017), shifting from Niko and Alicia’s story to Ilya and Theresa's, and explores the quartet’s difficult past and uncharted future. The big reveal is much less shocking than expected and doesn’t explain Jennilynn’s death, but the exploration of complicated sibling, parental, and romantic relationships is still compelling in Hart’s talented hands.

A gripping family drama filled with quirky details and twists, told by a master storyteller who keeps readers mesmerized even when they don't get what they think they want.