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IF THE SHOE FITS by Megan Mulry


By Megan Mulry

Pub Date: July 2nd, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-40227-000-0
Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark

Despite being warned against him in no uncertain terms, American luxury shoe designer Sarah James is attracted to the compelling Devon Heyworth, younger brother to a duke, and decides to pursue a short-lived affair with him.

Sarah, maid-of-honor in her best friend’s wedding, meets Devon, best man and younger brother to the groom, who happens to be a duke. Attraction flares between the two, and Sarah decides to have an uncharacteristic affair with him. Given the man’s love-’em–and–leave-’em reputation, plus the fact that he lives in London and she’s in the U.S., Sarah feels the decision is pretty risk-free. So she is stunned when Devon pursues her to the States and shocked at her own intense reaction to him. She’s too busy to fall hard for anyone and too inexperienced to trust such combustible emotions. After all, how could a world-famous playboy fall so quickly and ardently for her? Vulnerable and skeptical, Sarah is unsure of both of their emotions and chooses to let a misunderstanding come between them. Devon, meanwhile, proves to be significantly more than anyone gives him credit for, and Sarah is newly attracted to his enigmatic choices. The two must navigate their very real insecurities, as well as their sudden and explosive attraction and emotional connection, which neither of them has ever experienced nor believed possible. The path is fraught with dramatic misunderstandings and breathtaking reconciliations, but ultimately, love conquers all in this modern-day fairy tale that has a few flaws but none that can ultimately smother the wit, style and romantic high notes the book offers.

Both flirty and intense, and combining a luxury fashion setting with the English aristocracy, this love story will elicit many a contented sigh among romance fans.