THE SINGING HILL by Meindert DeJong
Kirkus Star


Age Range: 5 - 8
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Ray, his big brother, Martin, and his bigger sister, Shirley, with their mother and father, move from the city to the country and a sea of green-growing corn. Ray isn't old enough for school yet, but he finds the corn field that surrounds his home to be a world of mystery and adventure. Responding to the sights, sounds, and smells around him, he one day happens upon a lonely hill and a horse, which he names ""Thee-Rim"". Ray returns every day to feed Thee-Rim corn, lollipops and apples and eventually, quite by accident, rides him around the pasture. Thinking the horse dependent upon him for food and companionship, winter and a rain storm push Ray to desperate measures to protect and comfort his friend. Gifted Meindert DeJong has written a beautiful story about a boy and a horse and the private world of the singing hill they share together. Illustrated by Maurice Sendak. Very highly recommended for reading aloud to the pre-school and 5-8 group.

Pub Date: Sept. 26th, 1962
Publisher: Harper & Row