OUR CHALLENGE: The Chosen Land by Meir Kahane

OUR CHALLENGE: The Chosen Land

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When it comes to righteous wrath, Moses has nothing on Rabbi Kahane. The militant leader of the Jewish Defense League damns the ""assimilationist rot"" contaminating both young Israeli leftists and the children of Jews in the Diaspora. Strident and uncompromising, he hammers away at his fundamentalist precepts: divine ordinance guides Jewish destiny. Israel is not a state like all others bound by international law and diplomatic expediency: ""the normal rules of nationhood and statehood do not apply to us."" The Arabs are bent on the destruction of Israel; not an inch of the territory conquered in 1967 must be surrendered; only armed might can insure the political survival of the Jewish state. ""Concessions? Compromise? Moderation? Foolish excercises in self-delusion and self-destruction."" The Arabs within Israel should be encouraged to get out; they are an internal ""time bomb."" Education and prosperity will only make them more bitter and extreme. Liberalism and Marxism are the corrupters of Jewish youth. Those who urge secular marriage and divorce are abetting the destruction of world Jewry and marriages between Jew and Gentile can wipe out the Jewish people as surely as did Auschwitz. Kahane spouts the most virulent and intolerant form of nationalism uncomfortably reminiscent of turnof-the century Pan-German teachings. Inside Israel he would create a theocratic, totalitarian society wherein the non-Jew would remain forever a second class citizen. Kahane has a not inconsiderable following which will cheer his fanatical, reductive ideas. Others -- humanists and internationalists and those who cling to the hope of eventual Arab-Israeli reconciliation will be appalled.

Pub Date: April 15th, 1974
Publisher: Non-Fiction