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Scott and Sandy Lamson, the two adopted children of a rich East Hampton couple, grow up hating their crass, selfish adoptive parents; these devoted quasi-siblings--gorgeous, psychotic, occasionally incestuous--ache for freedom as they reach adulthood. So Scott sabotages the family's private plane, the senior Lamsons die in a crash, and the children inherit everything--including an island estate where Scott and Sandy take up residence. The psycho-kids long for true parents, however. They therefore hire two straggling middle-aged actors--Guy Delaplane and Marian Sears--to play the role of ideal parents, 24 hrs. a day, at $1000 a week. Reluctant at first, the actors are soon going along with this elaborate charade: Marian is especially sucked in--since she herself (by a groan of coincidence) gave up a baby daughter for adoption who'd now be exactly Sandy's age! But when Guy tries to quit, things turn predictably violent--as loony Scott decides to imprison, then dispose of, these disappointing surrogate parents. Dated, painfully artificially psycho-nonsense--helped not at all by Arrighi's attempt to lay on a theme (""without the role-playing, we'd be what we really are--terribly alone"") at the feeble fade-out.

Pub Date: Nov. 17th, 1986
Publisher: St. Martin's