BEING SAFE by Mel Mandell


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. . . and not sorry that you bought this book since it is the best we've seen (our file was ripped off so we couldn't provide a spot check on those others). Mr. Mandell lives in New York City and admits his book is urban-oriented but the general preventatives should apply anywhere. After a few communal recommendations (including year-round Daylight Saving), counterrecommendations (no lethal safeguards) and an arsenal of menacing and mounting statistics, he gets with the business of protecting your home whether it's an apartment house or a private house (doors, hinges, locks and cylinders, windows, lighting, etc.), your car, your office, and yourself (judo/karate). If you're rich have your dividend checks sent directly to your bank; if you're poor just your social security check. Get a house-sitter for when you're away and get a guard dog (his thigh should be tattooed with your SS number). There is information on where you can secure what, with costs when available, and special chapter appendices when necessary. The book is the firm, practicable commonsense contribution of a liberal-realist. ($%-$%""H* -- we just attempted to type this on a machine with a $12.50 built-in lock.)

Pub Date: June 19th, 1972
Publisher: Saturday Review Press