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FEATHERS by Melissa Stewart


Not Just for Flying

by Melissa Stewart ; Sarah S. Brannen

Pub Date: Feb. 25th, 2014
ISBN: 978-1-58089-430-2
Publisher: Charlesbridge

An album of images and a simple text reveal that birds’ feathers are far more versatile than one might expect.

Comparing feathers to familiar objects, Stewart reveals that birds use them in surprising ways. Her two-level text is headlined with a comparison and includes a short paragraph of explanation. Laid out like a scrapbook, her words share a page or spread with accurate and appealing watercolor images of a bird (identified by species and location), the everyday object in question and the feather. From backyard blue jays and cardinals to exotic manakins and peacocks, the 16 birds used as examples come from all over. The rosy-faced lovebird in Namibia carries nesting material in its tail feathers, like a forklift. For the Alaskan winter, a willow ptarmigan grows feathers on its feet that serve as snowshoes. In Mongolia, a Pallas’ sandgrouse uses his spongelike belly feathers to soak up water to bring to his nestlings. On a concluding spread, text and illustrations together provide an example of one possible system of feather classification. Sepia-toned endpapers show some of the feathers described. Other than a note about Birdwatching magazine, the author doesn’t indicate her sources, but considerable research by both author and illustrator is evident.

The combination of thoughtful approach and careful crafting makes this an excellent resource for early nature study.

(Informational picture book. 5-9)