THE NATIONAL PTA TALKS TO PARENTS: How to Get the Best Education for Your Child by Melitta J. Cutright

THE NATIONAL PTA TALKS TO PARENTS: How to Get the Best Education for Your Child

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A manual on parental strategies that can motivate children to succeed in school, and schools to offer the best education possible. Cutright (National PTA Director/Communications and Programs) strews about so many ""what to dos"" for parents, however, that working parents may feel daunted. Her recommendations include reading daily to young children; maintaining an ongoing relationship with teachers; attending all parent-teacher conferences, PTA meetings, and school events; limiting TV time to initiate discussions on values and reality; reviewing school budgets; and so on. More specifically, she provides helpful suggestions on what to do when ""teacher is a lemon""; what to ask and say in parent-teacher conferences; how to evaluate sex, AIDS, and drug and alcohol education; and how to interpret standardized test terminology and scoring. She makes short shrift of the problems of two-paycheck families and single working parents, though, despite her contention that teachers claim that lack of after-school supervision is the ""greatest cause of school failure."" Meanwhile, Cutright's chapter on the special needs of the handicapped and gifted is helpful, as are end-of-chapter listings of innovative PTA programs at schools around the country. Most useful for parents with time to spare; likely to depress others not so blessed.

Publisher: Doubleday