THE NEW EARTH BOOK: Our Changing Planet by Melvin Berger

THE NEW EARTH BOOK: Our Changing Planet

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A simple, readable, general summary, this companion to Berger's New Air. . . , . . .Water. . . , and . . . Food Book offers a painless orientation to what can be a jumble of ages, layers, and stages. Berger glides from the formation of the sun and the earth to the formation of the different types of rock; the layers of earth; continental drift as it applies to earthquakes, volcanoes, and mountains; air layers and air pressure; the water cycle; and the origins of life and of the human species. This quick summary is perked up along the way with references to new findings or theories relating to the earth's core, gravity waves, ocean currents, and the emergence of humans. As usual Berger works in a number of simple ""experiments"" designed to demonstrate or simulate the forces' at work; as usual the results are predetermined and most can be skipped without qualms. An unintimidating introductory overview.

Pub Date: Oct. 29th, 1981
Publisher: T. Y. Crowell