BIRD OF TIME by Melvin Hall


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Further random reminiscences of Colonel Hall, whose Journey to the End of an Era precipitated comparisons to Lawrence, Halliburton, Richard Harding Davis. If the annals here are of a rather lss adventurous nature, there is still the same exuberance for far away places, chance acquaintances, strange happenings. From his present on a hillside in France and thse he knows in the village there, to the past:- Siam, Tibet, Persia, the seizure of opium contraband and smugglers, Palestine, the Lebanon, Turkey, and one reference to the first world war, with the recall of the ruin of Ypres in 1915... Again there is the nostalgia for another world as well as other continents, the very much of a man's man enthusiasm for the nomadic, the picaresque.

Pub Date: Feb. 14th, 1949
Publisher: Scribner