DON'T DIE BROKE! by Melvin Jay Swartz


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A comprehensive guide for those 60 or over, which clearly explains estate planning, trusts, joint tenancy, fixed-income investment, and other financial/legal matters that can affect one's welfare in retirement. Though the author, an attorney, skips lightly over the potential social and emotional problems, he provides an abundance of practical advice on such collateral subjects as choosing a retirement community and living within one's income after regular paychecks stop. At the outset, Swartz recommends step-by-step planning for retirement, a process that encompasses a complete inventory of assets and a realistic budget for probable expenses, plus competent, professional counsel. He also emphasizes the importance of spouses' sharing financial information: both partners should know how to keep family records, pay bills, and handle investments. Once in retirement, he points out, it is generally wise to concentrate on maximizing income and preserving capital; thus, he discusses high-yielding alternatives to passbook savings accounts and provides sound if general tips on minimizing capital-gains taxes. Much of the text addresses various aspects of probate--the orderly passing of assets through court to heirs in accordance with the terms of a will. The absence of a will, Swartz cautions, reduces the chance that legatees of the rich or poor will receive intended bequests at the lowest possible cost in terms of taxes and transfer fees. Though clearly aimed at those of at least above-average means, Swartz's book should prove a valuable reference as well for retirees who must get along on modest financial resources.

Pub Date: June 15th, 1978
Publisher: Dutton