NO COMPROMISE: The Conflict Between Two Worlds by Melvin Rader

NO COMPROMISE: The Conflict Between Two Worlds

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A philosopher analyzes the basic premises on which the theories and practices of Fascism in its various manifestations has been developed. He quotes its own exponents as his authorities, and bit by bit builds up a grim terror holding no hope for present or future compromise. He does somewhat what Borghese did in Goliath but uses a different approach and arrive that different -- and more disturbing --conclusions. He analyses in scholarly fashion, the relation of Fascism to the doctrines of Pareto, showing how it stems from his theories, and where it departs from them. He concludes by urging the necessity of union, pointing out that in disunion Fascism finds its opportunity, and that the Red peril is largely a figment of Fascist propaganda and must be accepted as a vital part of union, if Fascism is to be defeated.

Pub Date: June 13th, 1939
Publisher: Macmillan