AS WE SEE RUSSIA by Members of the Overseas Press Club of America


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A symposium of twenty-five articles on Russia by members of the Overseas Press Club who have been stationed in Russia and Russian zones, and who display a varying degree of Russophobia. In four main sections, these deal with the aspirations of Russian Communism, the people themselves, the system, and the Russian delusions. Articles on Russia's hopes cover the intentions of the Cominform, her immaturity as a world leader, her means of conquest, her desire for control of the Dardanelles, and the struggle for Asia. There are many stories of personal contacts with the average Russian by such writers as Oriana Atkinson, Paula Le Cler, and Tracey Phillips. The Russian system is covered by articles on education, industrial management, agriculture, the Army, etc. The section on delusions records the disillusionment of a leftist intellectual, the denial of our intervention in 1921, the condemnation of our appeasement of Stalin in 1945. Informed, first hand accounts, but the material is not always new.

Pub Date: Sept. 17th, 1948
Publisher: Dutton