THE NETHERLANDS by Mendrik Riemens


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Solidly Dutch, this overall-picture of Holland and the empire overseas -- statistical -- detailed -- factual. Step by step, story and history unfold, there is ting evidence of the emotional character isting through various invasions; underground resistance is as old story, now repeated. goes back to the beginnings as emerges from the Nely Roman Empire, via unification of provinces under local leaders. Todays royal line goes back to one of these leaders. There's a section on the East and West India Companies; on the growth of Empire; on the policies before the war eliminating the colonial aspects and working towards a commonwealth approach. There's the double invasion -- German and Japanese, despite, the traditional neutrality. A sound background book, which might have had a more popular market if there had been a more personal, human touch.

Publisher: Duell, Sloan & Pearce