EGGS I HAVE LAID by Meredith Willson


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Reviewer-wise, probably the most tempting title of the season caps a good-natured chronicle of professional fluffs- and flops-in the career of the flute player, conductor, back porch philosopher and humorist whom some know from radio and television, others from And There I Stood with My . These eggs, graded from the time when he failed to give Doris Day a chance on an amateur hour to the larger fiasco of his Big Show (radio) with Tallulah Bankhead in London, are scrambled in along with other souvenirs of his childhood in Mason City, his happy marriage to Rini, his shows and sponsors, his public appearances and private disappointments, and there's a spattering of celebrities along the way. A genial sort of Jollification- for an unsophisticated audience.

Publisher: Henry Holt