BIG GOVERNMENT, Can We Control It? by Merio J. Pusey

BIG GOVERNMENT, Can We Control It?

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Expert probe -- with sano conclusions, -- a corrective for the new functions, new powers, new responsibilities that government has acquired, in its analysis of the dimensions of the problems, and the assessment of the trends and their significance, and its outline of the reforms necessary to reconcile big government with constitutional democracy. How the government outruns the law; parallels to totalitarian regimes; and how controls can be achieved over the threat of unbalanced executive and legislative power. The methods suggested include modernizing obsolete practices, organizing a manageable form for the vast conglomeration of agencies, providing honesty in public relations, permitting the activity of independent committees not in regulatory departments, and providing necessary constitutional changes. His criticism, recommendations and warnings give this book more even temper than most of the explorations of bureaucracy.

Pub Date: April 4th, 1945
Publisher: Harper