NEWMAN: Light in Winter by Meriol Trevor

NEWMAN: Light in Winter

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This second of two volumes in what is destined to be rated as the definitive life of the distinguished church-statesman, Henry Cardinal Newman, picks up verve and vigor -- even beyond the high level attained in the earlier book NEWMAN: Pillar of the Cloud (published in 1962.) The years covered here proved to be critical for Newman when, after he was fifty, he suffered a series of bitter failures and frustrations. Miss Trevor ably describes the break with Father Faber and the London Oratory, and the scandals and trials which beset this man of history at this time. All his life, Newman was the center of conflict -- a man who generated storms in personal, intellectual, national and church circles alike. Living as he did in a period of history which was marked by vast expansion of human knowledge, he became a human catalyst with far-reaching effects. This volume which relates Newman's decline in the Church and eventual ascendancy to rightful recognition is a monument to honest historical writing. Its appearance this year -- in the aftermath of the first session of the Second Vatican Council --gives it an aura of timeliness. The Fathers of the Church and the faithful, too, will profit from close reading of what can happen when powerful factions exert their influence without concern for the general welfare of the Church.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1963
Publisher: Doubleday