THE AROUSERS by Merle Lynn Browne


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For those without time or patience to read Jacqueline Susann, there's this short cash-in on bisexual chic and Interview snobbery. Four fabulously beautiful and wealthy women friends decide to spice up the tedium of their endless bedtime exploits by inventing odd sexual tasks for each other. To wit, Delissa -- the world's highest-paid model -- must make it on the steepest face of the Matterhorn; Ester -- chanteuse a la Streisand, under a roulette wheel in the plushest gaming house in Monaco; Lillie Jo -- two-time Forest Hills and Wimbledon champ -- in a tiger cage at London Zoo; and Cary -- socialite supreme -- in the votive niche of St. Paul in Notre Dame Cathedral. Pictures (as proof) and orgasms required; losers to spend six months in the strictest Catholic nunnery in Spain. Not even name-dropping and roman a clef hints re the Beautiful People can spice up a book that hovers on the peculiar border between voyeurism and boredom, when even our favorite cows aren't sacred anymore. Who can be shocked or even titillated by a mundane litany of S & M, lesbianism, and good old 69?

Pub Date: Nov. 29th, 1974
Publisher: Arbor House