THE SURE THING by Merle Miller


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The pattern, with all its ramifications, of Washington red-hunting, as it particularly involves Brad Douglas, is here thoroughly explored for not only the actual fact finding but also for the emotional and psychological responses and the political overtones. Working backwards, the story tells of Brad's marriage to Jewish Ruth, his sudden infatuation with Laurie and their marriage after the divorce; it shows the seeds of the past --Laurie's affair with Party member Linton, Brad's devotion to ideals that led to a temporary Party membership, the jealousy of some of his school friends, etc., etc. -- and their full flower as the FBI tracks back to get evidence. It is too the picture of Federal Government employees -- ex-banker Emerson who is not strong enough to vouch for his loyalty to Brad, Jerry Milton, also hounded and pursued, congressmen and political brass motivated by personal aims, slanting the angles on the case to forward them -- and the eventual dismissal of Brad from his job. A somewhat gestapo picture of the intensified loyalty investigation, which does not miss the human qualities of the hunters and hunted, this has a balanced approach and avoids the hysteria implicit in the subject. Bears little likeness to That Winter.

Pub Date: Aug. 22nd, 1949
Publisher: William Sloane