JOHNNY RKB by Merritt P. Allen


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A straight mortar-and-pistol action yarn with adequate period trappings in this story of the adventures of a young confederate soldier during the War between the States. The author's sympathies are tactfully neutral, although Ezra Todd, ""poor white boy"", adopted by wealthy planter, Wade Hampton, is fired with zeal to fight for the Southern cause under the leadership of his benefactor. However, the horrors of war-nd Mr. Allen has brewed up some grisly moments- the discovery that the Blue and the Grey are cut from the same pattern, and the death of close friends cool Ezra's idealism into acceptance of a grim reality with a determination to help rebuild the South. Except for a peculiar interpretation of the Negro point of view, whose representative is from the ""yuk-yuk lawsy-me"" era of caricature, this is more than passing fair historical fiction, with rip-snortin' action, lively dialogue, and inconspicuous but potent historical trimmings.

Pub Date: March 5th, 1952
Publisher: Longmans, Green