WESTERN STAR: A Story of Jim Bridger by Merritt Parmelee Allen
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WESTERN STAR: A Story of Jim Bridger

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The best story built on the romantic career of Jim Bridger that I have come across. Good history -- good biography -- good adventure. Merritt Parmelee Allen can be counted on for authentic background material; he has long been conversant with the sources of information on our early pioneer history, and this novel built around Bridger's entry into the Rocky Mountain Fur Company, the months of solitude when he learned to know the Yellowstone and the region he made his own, gives one a sense of the idealism that helped build the West. The title refers to a medal which Bridger wore and which stood as a symbol of luck in his western venture until -- through the almost unbelievable experience of an older trapper -- he realized that success came through the man and not the charm.

Pub Date: July 18th, 1941
Publisher: Longmans, Green