THE GREEN COCKADE by Merritt Parmelee Allen
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Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain boys with their rough justice and fury over the land fights with the grasping Yorkers, find a new recruit in the young hero of this excellent yarn. Great tragedy comes to the lad in 1774 when his farm thirty miles from Bennington, is burned and his father murdered. When he learns that Allen is off to take Ticonderoga in the earliest stages of our fight for freedom, he joins him. That slip-shod and lucky campaign soon ends, but later the boy joins the larger army under Arnold, Schuyler and Dan Morgan at the Battle of Saratoga. There are two fine characters, -- Peleg, the eternal swapper, and the Tory-born friend, who becomes a real American.

Pub Date: Sept. 30th, 1942
Publisher: Longmans, Green