by Meyer Berger

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All around the town"" reportorial material on New York, along the Liebling Telephone Booth Indian lines (see page 61). Here are longish pieces on the history of the Tombs, Murder Inc., the West 47th Street Police Station; shorter bits on chislers, small time artists of special lines, peculiar assemblies, etc. Two good horror tales, the man who drove his wife and daughters to insanity because of his mistress, the old lady who kept her husband's body, the man who kept eagles, fishermen, barges and their people, out of the way churches and religious orders, lonely hearts' parties, reefer smoking, bait sellers, bondsmn, ascot-tiers, map-makers, gypsies, opera supers, violin makers, Broadway at dawn, a haunted house, Death Avenue, tugs, sidewalk fishers, lottery pickup men, telephone tapping, men on route to Sing Sing, a colorful interesting patchwork of big city curiosities.

Pub Date: June 10th, 1942
Publisher: Simon & Schuster