THE PEOPLE'S HERBAL: A Complete Family Guide for All Ages to Safe Home Remedies by Michael A. Weiner

THE PEOPLE'S HERBAL: A Complete Family Guide for All Ages to Safe Home Remedies

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Potentially harmful information in a misleading format. Weiner (The Way of the Skeptical Nutritionist, etc.) has attempted to update a work by a naturopath ""who lived in the first half of this century,"" one Otto Mausert; but that work is now useless--partly because many of the disorders are no longer common problems, partly because the processes are too complicated to be followed from a book. Discussing (after Mauser) ""Symptoms and What They Mean,"" Weiner writes typically that ""the underlying causes of [pain in the head] can often be found in stomach disorders, constipation, anemia, menstrual irregularities, high blood pressure, eyestrain, and disturbances of lung or heart function."" Included among ""Diseases, Symptoms and Suggested Remedies"" are appendicitis, bladder catarrh, cramps in female organs, and dropsy, with lists of remedies to try for each. Next come recipes for said potions, and finally a list of disorders and the herbs (from buckbean to wahoo) that are good for them. Even presuming one can get these ingredients, this false guide is not the place to learn their use. Though Weiner retains the format of a self-treatment manual (and the book is blazoned as such), he specifically disclaims that purpose at the outset. ""We make no medical claims in this book, reprinting this manuscript for historical purposes only. In the case of pathological conditions, the reader is advised to consult a physician."" For trustworthy information, see rather Homeopathic Medicine at Home, by Maesimund Panes & Jane Heimlich (1980). This is plain irresponsible.

Pub Date: April 19th, 1983
Publisher: Perigee/Putnam