SHADOW HOUSE by Michael Allegretto


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When her photographer sister, Annie, is killed in a fall from the trellis of Colorado's Owen mansion, where she'd returned, against police orders, to get spooky pictures for a magazine assignment, Nora Honeycut vows, ""I'm going to find out what happened.... No matter what it takes."" What it takes is a fine disregard for official indifference and threats, and a plan with Annie's beau, Thomas Whitney, to get past the keepers of the mansion -- doddering old Chastity Owen and her caretaker -- to find out just what misshapen horror (whom local cover-up conspirators from police chief Roy Fellows to heavy-drinking Dr. Everett Newby know as ""Willy"") is living on baby food in the windowless cupola. What in the world could Willy have to do with the Owen mansion's history of homicide (Chastity's grandfather killed his wife; her mother killed her father when he molested Chastity; and five years ago high schooler Bonnie Connor was raped and murdered on the Owen grounds)? By far the wildest of Allegretto's trying neo-gothics (The Suitor, 1992, etc.), with laughably hollow thrills and chills and a penny-dreadful hobgoblin. Free Willy.

Pub Date: July 27th, 1994
Page count: 304pp
Publisher: Carroll & Graf