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LOST LIGHT by Michael Connelly Kirkus Star


by Michael Connelly

Pub Date: April 29th, 2003
ISBN: 0-316-15460-1
Publisher: Little, Brown

Retired from the LAPD’s Hollywood Division, Harry Bosch (City of Bones, 2002, etc.) has taken out a p.i.’s license—a lucky thing, because a hailstorm of backlogged felonies is about to come his way.

The edge of the wedge is the unsolved strangling of Angella Benton, an underling at Eidolon Productions. Harry had worked the case for only a few days before it was snatched away from him by Robbery-Homicide, whose investigators linked the killing to a more high-profile crime only a few days later—the theft of $2 million on a one-day loan to an Eidolon-produced movie and the shooting of the security chief responsible for minding it—before running out of leads. Now Lawton Cross, one of the two Robbery-Homicide dicks, paralyzed in still another shootout that left his partner dead, has dredged up an intriguing fact that’s never been made public: An FBI agent tracking marked currency had called Cross’s partner to tell him that one of the bills reported stolen in the Eidolon heist had already been seized by police in an unrelated case. What makes this lead especially hot is that the agent in question vanished only a few days after making the call, and that a second allegedly stolen bill has been traced to Mousouwa Aziz, a suspected money courier for international terrorists. It all adds up to a fine mess: an endless chain of felonies, turf battles between the LAPD and the FBI, and real trouble for Harry when the Feebs decide that he’s taken too close an interest in Aziz and come after him with all the new legal powers they’ve been granted since 9/11, and then some. Amazingly, Connelly manages to keep every new curve not only clear but breathlessly exciting.

Mystery fans will cherish echoes of The Doorbell Rang and The Long Goodbye, but the best news is that prodigious Connelly hasn’t been content simply to echo his own earlier successes.