RICH OR DEAD by Michael Cormany


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A third outing for pill-popping Chicago p.i. Dan Kruger (Red Winter, Lost Daughter), who now sets out to find Elvia Reyes' missing brother Ricardo and--clearly more important to her and the lowlifes clustered around her--the brown paper bag that he disappeared with. Also on the trail of the paper bag are: junk (heroin) dealer Joseph Cantel; illegal-alien smuggler Orlando Finney; a Chicago Latino street-gang, the Kings; small-time hustler Stacey Ford (like Ricardo, soon dead); and various cops, some good, some bad. Gulping Valiums as if they were M&Ms, Kruger is guided through the world of wetbacks, addicts, and non-English-speaking gangs by do-gooder Luis Santiago--who lost a brother to drugs and who, ever so nonchalantly, asks Kruger for progress reports on the paper bag. Several murders, double-crosses and Valiums later, Kruger and the brains behind the drug-distribution network square off--while Elvia, ever on the hustle, grabs what she can and takes it on the lam. Glib, with more than its share of violent death, drinking, and drugging. It's probably time for Kruger to hit the rehab clinic--maybe past it--now that he's even got his pet bunny, Bugs, hooked on a nightly hit of marijuana.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1990
Publisher: Birch Lane/Carol