SKIN DEEP IS FATAL by Michael Cormany


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In an alcohol/drug rehab clinic with his punk girlfriend Heather (Polaroid Man, 1991), Chicago p.i. Dan Kruger meets recovering alcoholic Amy, who has a job for him when he's released: imply to Shannon Harper, cosmetics heiress, that Amy and her agoraphobic lover Kay will release a videotape to the cops if she doesn't return what belongs to them--Amy, naturally, never specifies what ""what"" is. Then Amy is gunned clown outside the clinic; Kay admits that it's her daughter she wants returned; and Kruger is back to Valium-popping as he tries to figure out why animal-activist Harper and her cronies are packing Uzis. Another murder occurs; Heather relapses in a major way; and Kruger, working with Chicago cop Jack Fraiser, swills Diet Pepsi through endless trials and chase scenes before he uncovers what Harper is really up to. Now that he's sober, Kruger's pretty good company, and the alliance between the jobweary Fraiser and former cop Kruger is a strong story asset. Meanwhile, pet bunny Bugs is on hand again, but wisely sleeps through most of Kruger's sentimental mumblings.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1992
Page count: 224pp
Publisher: Birch Lane/Carol