MY FATHER IMMORTAL by Michael D. Weaver


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Ludricrous post-nuclear yarn, space orphans and fireproof mutants in search of a plot, from the author of Mercedes Nights (1987). On the fringes of the solar system, some desperate mothers arrange for their children to be ejected from their spaceship in survival capsules programmed to head for Earth. Why? Well, the only survivors of a nuclear war on Earth were some tough, ugly, bomb-proof and laser-proof mutants. Eventually, the mutants stumbled upon a buried complex containing, in suspended animation, the insanely ambitious Grant clan--who, sustained by an intelligent computer, had been slumbering until conditions once more became favorable for human life. Disturbed by the mutants, the Grants all wake up; the younger, female Grants become very friendly with the mutants--everyone else hates them. After a struggle, the surviving Grants flee in a spaceship, leaving behind an exploding nuclear bomb to wipe out the mutants (who are, of course, nuke-proof). And the Grant ladies--a sympathetic lot--are variously pregnant by the mutants. The big irony here: the Grants themselves created the mutants before the war as part of a genetic engineering experiment. Vacuously implausible, limply derivative of ideas.

Pub Date: Feb. 22nd, 1989
ISBN: 312-02617-X
Publisher: St. Martin's
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