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COLD RUN (BOOK #1) by Michael Dault


by Michael Dault

Pub Date: Nov. 5th, 2021
ISBN: 978-1-952439-19-3
Publisher: Moonshine Cove Publishing, LLC

A turf war between gangs drives one man to the edge to survive in Dault’s thriller.

In Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Cy Ford is a conservation officer for the Department of Natural Resources (a fictional U.S. government agency) with a fake name and a hidden, tortured past. His closest friends are fellow officers Jett Prevo, who’s as extroverted and friendly as they come, and sharp Avery Kinnomen. During the winter, the three smuggle drugs into Canada across ice and snow for significant cash. The trio are well on their way to wealth when a war suddenly erupts between two crime families. Oscar Easter, the head of one, is keen for his son, Ray, to take over the family business, but his offspring is failing to live up to his standards; on the other side, Niko Krowchuck wants to uphold his own family’s storied criminal legacy. Cy, Jett, and Avery work for Niko’s gang, and when one of the three becomes a casualty of the conflict, the remaining friends have an opportunity to change sides. Both gangs want Cy to complete impossible tasks, and he’d much rather run away, as he has no roots in the community; however, his partner in crime must decide what really matters to them and what they’ll do to survive. Over the course of this fine thriller, Dault lays out a fast-paced and consistently exciting plot with a grounded prose style that yields some electrifying scenes. He also skillfully details his major characters’ complex and morally gray natures in a manner that always feels natural and realistic. Cy is revealed to be conflicted by opposing wants and needs, and Dault does not shy away from showing his unsavory characteristics. Similarly, Niko and Ray are portrayed as truly multidimensional antagonists.

A brisk and realistic crime story strengthened by thoughtful characterization.