FRANCIS: A Biography of the Saint of Assisi by Michael de la Bedoyere

FRANCIS: A Biography of the Saint of Assisi

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Many lives of St. Francis have been written, and many people know a great deal about St. Francis, for his winsome appeal has captured the imagination and stirred the affection of all sorts and conditions of men from his own day (1182-1226) until now. But no one has taken the available material to write a more moving and fascinating story about this beloved troubadour of God than Michael de la Bedoyere. With integrity, perception and warmth he gives a believable St. Francis who lived close to God and to man in the embrace of holy poverty. A ""strange mixture of fierce, ascetic and simple, child-like humanity, he was a man who could always find freedom and joy in the simplest things of life"", always in the presence of God with whom his being was saturated. This story of Francis, Saint of Assisi, is not to be passed over as just another ""life""; the author, through his own vivid imagination, gives his readers new eyes for the invisible, and a deeper desire for the holy.

Publisher: Harper & Row