LIVING CHRISTIANITY by Michael de la Bedoyere


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A leading Catholic journalist, the author has written this book for two reasons. First, he wished to discover why it is that Christianity and especially Catholicity do not make more of an impression upon the world. Second, he wished to share with others what it took him fifty years as a Catholic to discover, namely; what Christianity in all its fullness really means. Accordingly, the author endeavors to put into non-theological words what he has come to regard as the essence of the Catholic faith, namely, a first-hand experience of God's presence. He contends that without such a vital contact with the Divine Presence no deep impression can be made on the world. In the light of this conviction he re-examines the doctrine of the church describing it as the mystical projection into time of the incarnation. He also gives an interpretation of the seven sacraments of the Catholic Church in the light of his central conviction. It is a book by a Catholic for Catholics and a final chapter addressed to non-Catholics does not alter the fundamental purpose of the book which is to lead Catholics into a fuller realization of the implication of their faith for life.

Pub Date: Jan. 7th, 1955
Publisher: David McKay