THE INWARD SEA by Michael Drury


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Fathoms and fathoms of cheerios about appreciating and utilizing the mind, the consciousness, the senses and what all -- rather muzzy. In the beginning chapter titled ""The Rediscovery of the Mind,"" the mind is proclaimed to exist: ""Oh, yes, the mind exists. . . . It is what makes one a self rather than an undifferentiated glob of nature."" And speaking of globs, there's the consciousness (""The Power Within"") which must be sharpened and made aware: ""Vikings. . . saw America hundreds of years before Columbus but they cannot be said to have discovered it since they neither recognized nor evaluated what they had seen."" (Must be those tight, horned helmets.) So it goes page after page of unrelieved conjecture and levitated generalities. One will soon go under.

Pub Date: March 3rd, 1972
Publisher: Doubleday