THE POPE SPEAKS by Michael-Ed. Chinigo
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The Teachings of Pope Pius XII"" is the subtitle of this anthology ""covering all the topics to which the Holy Father has dedicated attention"". Nonetheless, one topic of serious import and timely concern to which Pope Pius XII has devoted considerable attention, namely psychotherapy, has unfortunately been overlooked. Except for this serious omission, the book deserves high praise. In fresh, readable translations, it makes available for the average reader, the present pontiff's essential teachings on Man, Education, the Sciences, the Arts, Church and Religion, Society and Politics. Without personal comment and apparently with the intention of presenting the material in an objective and comprehensive fashion, the editor provides well-selected excerpts of adequate length from the encyclicals, addresses and apostolic letters encompassing the years of the present pontificate, and revealing the Pope's ideas and instructions on love, sex, marriage, modern woman, education, science, law, art, movies, journalism, sports, democracy, dictatorship, internationalism, atomic war, modern theology, the lay apostolate, and numerous other subjects of religious and secular, speculative and practical import. A short glossary of terms and a useful index are included. Aside from the intrinsic merit of the Pope's teaching, the work is a handy tool of reference, and on both counts should not be confined to a Catholic market.

Pub Date: June 14th, 1957
Publisher: Pantheon