THE OSWALD FILE by Michael Eddowes


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Was Lee Harvey Oswald a Moscow agent sent to kill JFK? Yes, says British attorney Michael Eddowes, developing what may be the most phantasmagoric of the various conspiracy theories to date. Eddowes' case centers around his contention that the 'Oswald' who arrived back in the States in 1962 with his Russian wife and baby was not the same one who entered the USSR in 1959. He was an impostor, a claim which--among other things--Eddowes props up with elevator shoes! Fingerprints are a more ticklish problem--those of Marine Oswald matched those of assassin Oswald--but Eddowes explains away this obstacle by suggesting that the KGB had ""substituted a forged print card in the FBI's files""--a suggestion that would surely give J. Edgar pothumous apoplexy. If this sounds like the stuff of bad detective novels, there's more: Marina was in on Oswald's nefarious ""spying"" their domestic quarrels being only ""pantomine to establish that 'Oswald' and Marina were not a team."" The coverup, Eddowes believes, extends from the lowliest officers in the Dallas police force to President Johnson and the Warren Commission; all, however, are exonerated from ""malfeasance"" by presumed concern about WW III. There's still more, of course, but it's doubtful if readers will persevere that far.

Pub Date: Sept. 24th, 1977
Publisher: Clarkson N. Potter-dist. by Crown