TRICK A TRACKER by Michael Foreman


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How, aeons ago, the hunted animals invented skateboards to trick their human trackers--and then, through the ages, the trackers ""built trucks and wagons of every description, each one bigger and faster than the last. . . so they could all rush shouting through the world once more."" But now, ""the old animals say, 'The trackers have tricked themselves. . . . They're too busy chasing each other to bother chasing us.'"" Given Foreman's flair as an illustrator of outrageous fancies, the scenes of the animals skateboarding through the air, across deserts, and down the sides of pyramids have a verve that kids can appreciate; but the hackneyed message--man-the-despoiler yet again--reduces the whole affair, finally, to a tract. Some exuberant, inventive silliness offset by some pretty silly moralizing.

Pub Date: Aug. 7th, 1981
Publisher: Philomel