END-GAME by Michael Gilbert


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Is it just a coincidence that ex-lovers David Morgan and Susan Perronet-CondÉ, in their vastly different business careers, are both crossing the path of dangerously shady entrepreneur Randall Blackett? And what does this have to do with the occasional appearance of Scotland Yard's Inspector Morrissey? Those are the questions intrigued readers will be asking themselves as veteran Gilbert spins out the three-tier plot of this curious, Victor Canning-ish entertainment: nosy David, booted out of his accountant job, becomes a tacky European-tourguide, uncovers a drug-smuggling operation, tries to horn in, and draws hostile attention from super-boss Blackett; meanwhile, Susan is on the rise in the Blackett empire, becoming a top-level secretary; and, also meanwhile, Inspector Morrissey seems to be taking a special, puzzling interest in a group of streetbums. Will all these strands come together? Of course--as David (a pseudo-villain who's revealed as a hero) goes seedily undercover, searching for the particular bum who has the documents that will nail tycoon Blackett for assorted past crimes. No mystery here, but a few surprises--in a likable, if terribly contrived, police-investigation diversion.

Pub Date: Aug. 18th, 1982
Publisher: Harper & Row