KING HARRY'S SISTER by Michael Glenne


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A portrait of the Princess Royal, Margaret Tudor, sister of Henry VIII, a scheming, cold blooded, and in her later years rather tedious woman who is not likely to engage the fancy of present day readers. However, the life of the period has a careful reconstruction in all its pageantry, pomp, chicanery and lust- often coupled with an ill-matched religious fervor. And one is also made privy to past shames and scandals, such as the fact that James I of Scotland, Margaret's first husband, lost the battle of Fildden and his life in the arms of an enemy's wife. And few will react with more than repugnance at the Queen who sold out her own son, James II, to the English in order to refuchiah her jewels and her wardrobe..... The facts are here, but not the flair, and they are appalling rather than arresting.

Publisher: Roy