FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES by Michael Hendricks


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A second turn down New York's mean streets for semi-tough p.i. Rita Noonan, who now finds her apartment trashed and the dead body of ex-cop-on-the-skids Wilsey in it. Wilsey may have been blackmailing other cops on the take; he also may have been muscling in on a dentist's illegal sale of steroids--and writing a tell-all book about his old undercover days, before he became a junkie himself. While trying to figure out what Wilsey was up to, Rita has to deal with her aging partner Malcolm's bimbo client, who wants her husband, a Columbia professor, tailed. Meanwhile, Wilsey's junkie partner, Bobby Sarmiento, is killed on Wilsey's doorstep; Malcolm is sent to ICU with a heart condition; and Rita's ex first tries to rape her, then enters alcohol rehab. Moreover, Rita becomes romantically involved with the college professor and considers dissolving her partnership--which just may have put Malcolm in the hospital, where, unfortunately (for the series), he dies. The solution to Wilsey's murder, when it finally comes, is no surprise, and, as with Money to Burn, both the characters and plot seem terribly contrived.

ISBN: 684-19264-9
Publisher: Scribner
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