UFOs: The American Scene by Michael Hervey

UFOs: The American Scene

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A hefty, monotonous compendium of recent American UFO sightings. After an interesting but fleeting glance at the history of reported sightings since the 15th century, Hervey catalogs--year by year--the individual accounts of UFO spotters and the information he has obtained from UFO societies. Contending that his spotters number about one out of every 20 Americans, he estimates that as many as 50 percent of the people believe in UFOs. They include all ages, races, professions (including many qualified persons in the fields of astronomy and aeronautics), and all socio-economic groups. The most educated portion of society, he claims, is the most susceptible. The reported saucers are various shapes, sizes, and colors; they leave silver threads and charred circular spots behind them; and Hervey even blames ""seven separate flying objects that were sighted above an upstate New York power plant"" with the 1965 blackout. But there are more intriguing accounts of the unaccountable than this.

Pub Date: Nov. 8th, 1976
Publisher: St. Martin's