THE BETRAYED by Michael Horbach


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A translation from the German, this mirrors the Wehrmacht in the last five days of March, 1945, when operations on the Eastern Front delivered defeat in battle- a defeat that imposes on the men the knowledge of the uselessness and worthlessness of fighting in a bad cause. The annihilation of a battle group is followed through the events of the battle sequences which are alternated with flashbacks into the individual lives, projections into a possible future, had the men lived, and what really did happen to those who were not killed, and with communiques, scenes throughout the country, and peripheral incidents. From the General to the cadets, the task of following impossible orders, the lack of ammunition and the cumulative effect of despair and hopelessness have their sharpened impact and all are stalked by death which is sometimes cowardly or shameful, sometimes brave and always recognized as futile. This is forceful and in its shocking and probing style reveals the betrayal of a whole nation effectively.

Pub Date: Feb. 26th, 1959
Publisher: Coward-McCann