MEGA HEALTH: A Guide to the Anti-Aging Nutrients by
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MEGA HEALTH: A Guide to the Anti-Aging Nutrients

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A neat presentation and evaluation of the merits and dangers of nutritional supplements from a knowledgeable hand. Hendler, a physician and biochemical researcher ""with a strong interest in human metabolism, diet and nutrition,"" has managed to untangle the issues, make a clear statement of the current state of knowledge, and present a practical plan of action for all. Hendler's aim is not so much to extend life (with improved health we could, logically, reach 100 years with ease), but rather to ""compress morbidity to that period immediately preceding death."" Much of the research effort and press furor is set off by life-extension advances--and Hendler notes that there are numerous possibilities for the future. But with what we now know, we can take measures to prevent illness, especially chronic illnesses like heart disease, until just prior to death. In this context, Hendler describes the actions of anti-aging nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, nucleic acids, lipids, and some other substances) and sets out recommended regimens and guidelines for different ages, sexes, and situations. (Cigarette smokers, birth-control users, and pregnant women get special considerations.) Hendler walks a reasoned line between what he calls ""nutritional true believers"" and ""adademic conservatives"": his programs accept the benefits of natural garlic and other such folk remedies, for instance, without turning into bee-pollen propaganda. From the available knowledge, and some educated guesses, Hendler has in fact created new, sound guidelines.

Pub Date: Feb. 14th, 1984
Publisher: Simon & Schuster