JOAN LUNDEN'S MOTHERS' MINUTES by Michael & Joan Lunden with Sue Castle Krauss


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A hodgepodge of advice on ""parenting."" For the most part, the advice seems aimed at engendering panic in insecure parents. Subjects typically start out in fear-inducing strains, such as ""Your child may be partially deaf and you don't know it."" Or, "". . .every two days a child under five has choked to death on food. . ."" Even the lowly teaspoon comes in for its share of vilification, as it is found to vary so much in size that one mustn't count on it for medical dosages. There is nothing new here; in fact, the information seems aimed at avoiding the new. The page on older pregnancies, for instance, focuses on (you guessed it) the chances of having a genetic disorder, with nary a mention of the latest research on the difficulties of today's woman achieving pregnancy after 30. Skippable.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1986
Publisher: Warner